Electrical Heating Elements by Türk+Hillinger

for heating fluids and gases in a wide range of industrial applications

  • Are you looking for an electrical heating element to heat water or air?

  • Are you looking for a reliable heating element ‘made in Germany’?

  • Are you looking for an individual heating element for a special requirement?

  • Would you like personal advice on which electrical heating element is the right one for your application?

Then you are in the right place!

Türk+Hillinger manufactures immersion heaters (EHK), flanged heaters (FH), finned tubular heaters (RHR), electric air heaters (HRR) and steel grid element resistors (EPH) at the location Limbach-Oberfrohna. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and deliver quality ‘made in Germany’ – even in small series.

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Electrical heating elements from Türk+Hillinger can be found in many different applications in the industrial environment:

  • Our immersion heaters (EHK) heat liquid and gaseous materials, e.g. in hot water heaters, boilers, oil circulation heating systems, cleaning or deaeration baths.
  • Türk+Hillinger flanged heaters (FH) heat oil, water, drinking water, air, CO2 and other gases, e.g. as load bank, as heating for process heat, in building services engineering, for renewable energies, for the heating of buffer storage tanks and steam generators or as frost protection.
  • Türk+Hillinger finned tubular heaters (RHR) and electric air heaters (HRR) heat air in ventilation and air conditioning systems, (paint) drying systems, shrink wrapping machines as well as in apparatus engineering and process engineering.
  • Türk+Hillinger steel grid element resistors (EPH) work classically as heating or chopper resistor. They are also suitable as current limiter, discharger, crowbar, FRT, LVRT, emergency stop, load resistor, starting resistor, continuous series resistor, braking resistor or filter resistor.

In the online shop and on individual request

Our standard products can be easily purchased in our online shop for commercial customers. If none of our heating elements fits your individual application, please contact us. Together with you we will find a suitable heating element for your individual application.

Türk+Hillinger Group: Quality made in Germany and worldwide

We are part of the Türk+Hillinger Group with headquarters in Tuttlingen and further business subsidiaries in the USA, China and Hungary. In total Türk+Hillinger employs more than 800 employees worldwide. The companies of the Türk+Hillinger Group develop, design and produce electrical heating elements, load resistors and thermocouples for many well-known companies in the plastics industry, automotive industry, household appliance technology, drive technology and mechanical engineering.

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You can find Türk+Hillinger products among others in

  • The latest cars of Mercedes, BMW, GM and Audi
  • PET preform molds and hotrunner systems
  • Packaging machines and wood working machinery
  • Dishwashers, tumble dryers and absorption refrigerators
  • Incubators, inhaling devices and sterilizers
  • Dialysis equipment
  • Small air heater, expansion screws, book binding machines, cooling compressors
  • Photocopying machines, fluid heaters or liquid containers
  • Air conditioning, escalators and elevators
  • Frequency converters for cranes
  • Railway equipment for railway points

and much more…