Steel Grid Element Resistors (EPH)

As heater, chopper resistor and for many industrial applications


Steel grid element resistors (Type EPH-S) are made of heat-resistant steel. The resistance value of the individual elements are temperature-dependent and the temperature coefficient is higher than classic wire-wound power resistors, Type ALW, however, much smaller than the cast resistors. The design of these power resistors is a derivative of the Türk+Hillinger plate heater, Type EPH, which is designed with heating capacities of up to one (1) megawatt for applications that require high electrical performance and ruggedness.

In addition to the classic application as a heating or chopper resistance, the design can also be used for the following resistances: current limiting, discharge, as crowbar, FRT, LVRT, emergency stop, load, starting, permanent, braking or filter resistance. The energy absorption capacity of the Type EPH-S, available from inventory, is between 50 and 70 kJ (= kWs) at a temperature increase of 300°K at dormant air. The average thermal time constant is 100 seconds. By varying different individual steel grid resistance elements, it provides and covers a wide range of benefits, energy absorption and ohm values.

For the T+H steel grid element resistors we offer the following options:

  • Housings of different types of protection
  • Fan
  • Temperature switch
  • Thermal overcurrent switch
  • Connection elements


Steel grid element resistors

Option: terminal lugs pre-assembled

Steel grid element resistors pre-assembled for installation


Steel grid element resistors complete IP20



  • Temperature switch for message
  • Thermal overcurrent relay for signaling (only in conjunction with connection housing)
  • Connection housing
  • Degree of protection by appointment for outdoor installation

Catalogue Steel Grid Element Resistors

In the catalogue you will find further information, technical data, pictures and drawings of our steel grid element resistors. It serves as a supplement to the information presented here on the website. Our catalogues are updated regularly.

Catalogue Steel Grid Element Resistors
Katalog Stahlplattenfestwiderstände / Catalogue Steel Grid Element Resistors

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Special Types

From a very small minimum order quantity we also manufacture steel grid element resistors according to your individual requirements. Please arrange a consultation with our specialists.


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