Immersion Heaters (EHK)

For heating liquids and gases


T+H immersion heaters are used for the heating of liquid and gaseous media, e.g. the provision of hot water, boilers, coffee machines, cleaning and degreasing baths, oil heaters, air heaters, heat regenerators.

Each application has its own characteristics. If the application deviates from the usual requirements or goes above and beyond, there are today more than 3,000 application specific types of screw plug heaters available to cover these requirements. Here on the website, in the online shop and in our catalogues we show only a few examples.

We develop and produce many different versions of our immersion heaters. Together with our experienced specialists, you can find out which heating solution is the right one for you – if necessary also on site at your premises.

Our immersion heaters have the following properties as examples:

  • Continuous operation suitability
  • Thread sizes from G1 to G2½”
  • Custom flange design and other flange types, special thread
  • Coatings with PFA and PTFE
  • Cooling sections for high or low media temperatures – recommended from 110°C for thermal relief of the connection or, when heating cold materials
    to avoid condensation in the connection area
  • Pass-through suitability / flow heater with optimized flow disks


The T+H immersion heaters consist of 3 u-shaped tubular heating elements which are brazed or welded onto a threaded nipple G1½” made of CrNisteel 1.4301 (other materials such as brass or mild steel are available upon request). For special applications it is possible to furnish the heaters with only one or two heaters mounted onto the nipple.

The protective cap consists of an additional cable gland which can be mounted to any position required for the installation of the connection cable.


The standard sheath material of the heaters is stainless steel 1.4435 (AISI 316 L). Upon request higher corrosion resistant steels or copper alloys can be delivered, too.
The chrome-nickel-steel 1.4435 has good chemical properties and is highly corrosion resistant.

Quality control

All T+H immersion heaters are individually controlled piece by piece i.a.w. DIN EN 60335 (VDE 0700).


The immersion heaters can be supplied with the following protection:

  • IP 00 open
  • IP 41 with protective cap – dustproof and dripwaterproof
  • IP 64 with protective cap – dustproof and splashwaterproof

Equipped with a protective cap with protection IP41 or IP64 this heater can additionally be equipped with a thermostat or a temperature limitor. This makes the heater a ready to use heating element which can be used for many applications.


The installation of the heaters can be done independant from its position. If immersed in a liquid it is important that the heater is always totally covered by the medium. The convection of the liquid must not be disturbed by the heater and the heater sheath has to be checked from time to time for deposits which might deteriorate its function. The maximum allowable operational pressure is 6 bars.


The assembly of the heater can be made onto a container with a wall thick ness of at least 10 mm by a threaded hole G1½”. The thread hole needs to be chamfered 2.5 x 45° on the assembly side so that the nipple can easily be mounted. For the assembly onto containers with a wall thickness less than 10 mm it is necessary to use a welded in counter nipple G1 1/2 or a counter nut. Counter nut and/or seal can be supplied separately.


The voltage of the tubular heaters is of 230 V (other voltages upon request). Immersion heaters without thermostat are generally equipped for use with three phase supply 400 V (star connection). They can easily be switched to 230 V parallel connection.

Applications of Immersion Heaters

Türk+Hillinger heating elements have different surface loads. Please consider the following limit values for the surface load when making your selection.

  • Surface loading 2-3 W/cm2: to heat oil, thin oil or light grease, for example hydraulic aggregate oil
  • Surface loading 4-5 W/cm2: for heating water, air with a minimum velocity of min. 4 m/sec., cleaning or degreasing bath
  • Surface loading 8-9 W/cm2: for heating fresh water in boilers or regenerators, flowing water with pressures upto 6 bar

Nuts & Seals, Types, Power Calculations

Find detailed information on fixation and sealing elements, the type list and all formulas for your capacity calculations in the Catalogue Immersion Heaters.

Catalogue Immersion Heaters

In the catalogue you will find further information, technical data, pictures and drawings of our immersion heaters. It serves as a supplement to the information presented here on the website. Our catalogues are regularly updated.

Catalogue Immersion Heaters
Katalog Einschraubheizkörper / Catalogue Immersion Heaters

Online Shop

Special Types

With a minimum order quantity of 8 pieces we also manufacture immersion heaters in other designs. These heaters may vary with the immersion depth, the threaded nipples (11/4″, 2″), voltage, wattage or material combinations between heaters and nipple. For higher operational pressures and a better resistance against chemical wear we can supply them with welded-in heaters.


In our download area we have provided data sheets, assembly and maintenance instructions, drawings, dimension sheets and 3D models for you.

Immersion Heaters – Basic Types

Immersion Heaters with Limitor

The T+H immersion heaters with limitor can be supplied with the maximum allowable temperature adjusted between 0° and 300°C. The sensor of the limitor is located in a protective tube. If the limitor is activated the cause of the failure must be detected and the limitor has to be reset manually. The electrical connection can be made in the same way as for the thermostats.

Immersion Heaters with Thermostat

T+H immersion heaters G1½” with thermostat are supplied with the electrical connection ready for use. The temperature can be adjusted optionally from 30° to 110°C or from 50° to 300°C. The sensor of the thermostat is located in a protective tube which is assembled in between the heaters and senses the temperature of the liquid. The single-phase or three-phase thermostats are infinitely variable from outside of the housing within the respective temperature range. (Upon request they can be supplied with the adjustment knob inside the housing).

Upto a performance of 3000 W the heaters can be wired to 230 V single phase current (parallel connection). For higher performances than 3000 W/230 V the heaters generally must be connected with a relay.

Immersion Heaters with Thermostat and Limitor (STB)

This heater type with thermostat and limitor was constructed to meet improved safety standards and continuous operation. A broad range of thermostats and limitors is available on request.

It consists of 3 tubular heaters and a protective tube for the sensors assembled onto a threaded nipple G1½”. The heaters are supplied with a housing and a built-in combination of thermostat and limitor. Optional with signal lamp. All heaters are supplied with protection IP 64.