Electrical Heating Elements Made in Germany

Developed and manufactured by Türk+Hillinger in Limbach-Oberfrohna

You will find our heating elements in many different applications in the industrial environment. They always heat gases or liquids. In the Limbach-Oberfrohna plant, our employees manufacture a wide range of electrical heating elements:

Many heating elements are highly standardized and therefore cost-effective. Some applications simply require new designs or materials or performance parameters. With great experience and foresight, our experts develop your perfect heating element together with you – also on site. You will find the right balance of low costs, high quality and safety for each individual application. You can also obtain small series with low minimum purchase quantities from us.

Our heating elements meet your quality requirements

Made by Türk+Hillinger stands for highest quality made in Germany. We do everything to ensure that our heating elements meet the highest quality requirements. All companies of the Türk+Hillinger group have a continuous quality management system and are certified.

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